All engineering/science students and engineers can participate to represent their University as long as the team has the following composition:
  • A pilot:

    Pilots are not required to be students nor be members of the university but must be accredited model aircraft pilots. The pilot must have an insurance for model airplanes valid in Croatia.

  • Three to six members:

    One of the members takes the leader’s responsibilities such as communication with the organization committee. Except for the pilot, all other team members should be professors, students and/or research associates of the higher education institution that they are representing. Teams not representing higher education institutions or from universities outside Europe are accepted if the maximum number of teams is not reached by European universities teams.

The universities may participate with a maximum of two aircraft under the following conditions:
  • Each aircraft registered should correspond to one team only

  • Each aircraft registered should be different in geometry

  • The aircraft registered should show clear design differences between them. By different designs we mean designs that follow different philosophies in their definition.

  • Each person can only be registered in one team, except the pilot that can belong to both teams

  • Each team can only participate with one aircraft


A professor in charge is required when the team represents a university or different higher education school. He may also be a team member. A written declaration is required in which the professor states that the team is representing the university and approves that all team members are students or employees of the university. The aircraft has to be designed and build by students and/or university employees (such as PhD students or engineers working as research assistants) supervised by the professor. In case the Organizing Committee proves some of the team members are not from the university or other irregular actions occurred the team will be disqualified immediately.

The pilot may, but does not need to be a member of the university.


The applications will begin on 10th of December 2016 and will close on the 10th of January 2017 and the application form is available during this period on the next two links:



The application is limited to 30 teams. If the limit is exceeded, the applications will be accepted in a first come first serve manner. Each university can have a maximum of two teams.
The Organizing Committee will consider the applications by order of arrival and by their quality in the accomplishment of the competition aims. The application will only be considered as valid after the organization receives the following items:
  • Registration form correctly filled out
  • Copies of documents proving that all team members are eligible (ex: Student card, etc.)
  • Professor in charge statement
All this information must be sent to using the format "Application: [Team name]" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Applications made after midnight, 10th January 2017 , will not be accepted. However, the Organizing Committee can postpone the registration deadline or accept applications if the team limit of 30 teams is not achieved by that time. The teams will be contacted after 10th January by e-mail to confirm successful registration. A provisional list of the teams will be published on the official website. Application will then become effective with the bank transfer of the teams application fee. For the reason of payment the team number and the name of the university have to be used.


Full package Basic package
Loging for 6 days (5 nights)
Transport between university,
hostel and flight field
5 Breakfasts 5 Breakfasts
4 Lunches 4 Lunches
4 Dinners 4 Dinners
Final Dinner Final Dinner
Participant package Participant package
Payment Deadlines (total sum transferred until)
Team members
Full package Basic package Deadline
100 € 100 € 31 of January 2017
150 € 125 € 1 of May 2017
180 € 125 € 4 of August 2017
Full package Basic package Deadline
100 € 100 € 31 of January 2017
200 € 170 € 1 of May 2017
250 € 200 € 4 of August 2017
Earliest transfer date: 11 of January 2017
Participation requires payment of a fee that obeys the following conditions:
  • Euroavia Zagreb is legal association and will make all efforts in order to provide the teams the greatest comfort and support possible.
  • Accommodation, meals and transportation during the competition in Zagreb for the duration of the flight competition are provided in the full package application fee.
  • Accommodation and transportation are not included in the basic package application fee.
  • Each member including pilot must pay the application fee.
  • The fee for team members does not cover all expenses of the organizing committee. The deficit will be covered by sponsors.
  • Guests are not covered by sponsoring, hence they will have to pay a higher fee.
  • If a financial surplus will be achieved, the second or third payment will be reduced for team members accordingly.
  • The teams are responsible for fulfilling all application fee deadlines.
  • In case of no need of lodging, please contact the Organizing Committee via e-mail when applying to participate in the competition.
Participating in the Competition Team members and other representatives of a registered university present at the competition are considered to be “participating in the competition” from the time they arrive at the event site until they depart the site at the conclusion of the competition or earlier by withdrawing.

If you wish to stay longer, you should directly contact a hotel or inform us so that we can make a reservation at a hotel. The expenses of a longer stay are not included in the registration fee. Payment of the application fee must be made before the deadlines of Table.

The transfer data should be sent by e-mail so that the registration can be completed. The application fee will not be returned in any case, unless the event does not take place. Checks will not be accepted! Payment may only be made via bank transfer (SEPA-transfer recommended)!


  1. Inform us through e-mail when you decide to pay the participation fee. In the subject line of the e-mail put the next "Participation fee: [Team team_number - team_name]", e.g. "Participation fee: [ Team 16 - HUSZ Tern ]"
  2. An invoice with all the required information will be sent to you
  3. Once the payment is concluded, contact us with the payment verification
  4. If you are late with payment (check deadlines!) we will send you the new invoice with new fees.

Billing information

The payment has to be made to the following account using the OUR payment instruction for transaction.
( OUR payment instruction means you pay all transfer charges. We receive all your payment. )
Please use the team name and the team number as the subject of transaction:
ACCOUNT HOLDER: Hrvatska Udruga Studenata Zrakoplovstva
(Croatian Aeronautical Engineering Students Association)
(Personal Identification Number)
IBAN: HR5623600001101353658
10 000 Zagreb
NAME OF BANK: Zagrebačka banka d.d.
ADDRESS OF THE BANK: Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10
10 000 Zagreb


For the competition the Organization Committee will have insurance for the duration of the event. Yet the pilots need to have an insurance for model air planes by Croatian law. We advise all participants to travel with a health insurance and with a European card of medical assistance.