HUSZ (Hrvatska Udruga Studenata Zrakoplovstva) or CAESA (Croatian Aeronautical Engineering Student Association) is a non-profit vocational organization of aerospace engineering students from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. It is an affiliated society of EUROAVIA (European Association of Aerospace Students). The main aim of HUSZ is allowing communication with students from other universities, as well as providing space for extracurricular activities.

The organization has approximately 30 members. Their activities are focused on arranging summer practices and taking part in experimental work of aerospace engineering institutes across Europe. Another aspect of their work is establishing contacts with students and professors from other universities, which usually occur in course of EUROAVIA events, such as congresses, Fly-ins or workshops.

After being first introduced to the idea at the 40th anniversary of establishment of EUROAVIA in Delft, March 1999, the organisation was formed and registered under the name ''Croatian Association of Aerospace Students'' same year in September. The founder and the first president was Saša Mavrović. After organizing a few local projects and participating in EUROAVIA congresses and symposiums, HUSZ received a status of a Prospective Affiliated Society in September 2000. HUSZ became a full member of EUROAVIA during an Annual Congress in Madrid, two months after fulfilling the most important term for joining EUROAVIA - organizing a Fly-in in July 2001.

HUSZ has been participating in Air Cargo Challenge Competitions continuously since 2011. In the aforementioned year, team HUSZ Black Eagle finished 21st out of 31 competing teams. In 2013, team HUSZ Vulture finished 4th best. In 2015, team HUSZ Tern won the competition, making our organization the host of Air Cargo Challenge 2017.