Recent News

Results after the fourth flight run
10 August 2017

Dear participants,
on the next link you can find the results after the fourth flight run.
Kindest regards.

New schedule for Wednesday
07 August 2017

Dear participants,
New schedule for Wednesday with how to come information is published on Wednesday day. Kindest regards.

Schedule and Location info
07 August 2017

Dear participants,
Travel information for teams arriving to team presentations and technical inspections by car: First day of the competition (8.8) will take place at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. Teams arriving by their own means of transportation can park at the designated parking lot, located at the end of Krčka Ulica. More information with pictures is given below.

Flight proof and project presentation
05 August 2017

Dear participants,
now you can upload your fly proof files to the web page.
Also, you can upload you project presentation files. The presentation will last for a maximum of 15 minutes. More than that will result in lower score.
Try to keep presentations simple, do not get too much into details. If you want to show your flight proof in the presentation (you do not have to do it) it should also be included in 15 minutes.
Kindest regards from Zagreb

05 July 2017

Dear participants,
A minor change has happened to the competition plan. We were informed by the EUROAVIA International Board that the career fair will be cancelled due to complications. Thus, the first day will be without career fair.
Instead, on Tuesday (8th of August) morning team presentations and technical inspections will be held. Everything else will be according to the published schedule.
As a result of those unforeseeable events, our budget is being altered.
Consequently, even though we informed some of the teams that the further payments will most likely not be required, we have to partially deactivate the deduction of payment fees mentioned in the regulations handbook:
  • If a financial surplus will be achieved, the second or third payment will be reduced for team members accordingly.
The second payment (50€ per member) will have to be necessary after all, whilst the third won't. The final price is 150€ for members and 200€ for guests and it should be completed until the 4th of August 2017.
Please, check your email.
Kindest regards from Zagreb

Extra accomodation
22 June 2017

Dear participants,
during the competition you are going to stay at Hostel Arena Zagreb. If you want, we can book that hostel for you for the extra nights berfore and/or after competition. You can check that hostel and their prices on their webpage, and if you want, just send us e-mail for how long and which days you want to book hostel. As for the payment, you would pay the fee for additional days directly to the hostel upon your arrival, not to us.
Kindest regards from Zagreb

Visa invitations
18 June 2017

Dear participants,
all those who have applied in application form that they need a visa, please log in on web page, check your visa status, and correct it if necessary.
For those who are not Log in yet, go on Log in, then press the "First time Log in" button and follow the instructions.
Kindest regards from Zagreb

Final report submission
26 May 2017

Dear participants,
you do not have to send us paper copies of final report. It is enough to upload it on the web page.
Kindest regards from Zagreb

Second Payment information
29 April 2017

Dear participants,
There is no second or third payment fee. Those are payment fees only for teams that didn't make payment before the first (or second) payment deadline.
Please inform us before making any payments, as it is stated on our website, "participation fee" section.
Kindest regards from Zagreb

Now you can Log in
29 March 2017

Now you can Log in into Air Cargo Challenge 2017 web page. We sent to team leaders their email and password to log in, so team leaders please check your email, and confirm to us that you have received it.

Also, due to some security issues that we didn't fix for now, when you click on the "Log in" button, we redirect you to next url: that is secured to log in.
After you log in, go to Reports then to Preliminary reports, and there you can upload your file.
Please read instructions carefully.

Also because of ability to upload your preliminary report to web page, you do not have to send it to email.

Preliminary report submission
23 March 2017

In a few days, team leaders will receive a password via e-mail making them able to log-in on the website and to upload Preliminary report. There will be an additional notice on the website that the Log-in is open.

Team competition list changed
23 March 2017

Team 17: Thunder is disqualified from competition due to not sending any application data.
Team 36: ATLAS TEAM UPAT from waiting list is now officially participating. The changes are visible on the Competition teams list.

The first payment deadline has passed
31 January 2017

The first payment deadline has passed. For those who haven't paid the participation fee, the second deadline is on 1st of May 2017

Payment informations are published
13 January 2017

Payment informations are published. Find it under PARTICIPATIONS & APPLICATIONS & INSURANCE section.

Final list of teams is published
13 January 2017

Final list of teams is published. Find it under COMPETITION section.
We inform you that all the teams are accepted to the competition!

The applications are now closed!
10 January 2017

The applications are now closed! We'd like to thank all the teams for their applications.
The list of registered participants is available, however, it is not yet final. The final list will be available in the next few days.

List of teams is published (not final list)
07 January 2017

List of teams is published. Find it under COMPETITION section. That is not the final list, please check information published on list and let us know if we missed something!
Application are still open until 10th of January 2017!

Applications are now open!
10 December 2016

Applications for Air Cargo Challenge 2017 are now open. Teams can apply up to 10th of January

Information about applications and participations available!
05 December 2016

Detailed information concerning applications (deadlines, application form) and participation fees are published. Find them in "Participations & Applications & Insurance" section (

Regulations version 1.2 published!
05 December 2016

The latest version of regulations is now available to download [LINK]. That would also be the last version of the rulebook, no further changes are expected.